Hiking through Val Grande
Thursday, 10th June 2021

Hiking through Val Grande

THURSDAY 10th June 2021

Popular circular hiking tour with

magnificent views over the Val

Grande. From Miazzina - Capella

Fina, our trail leads to Pizzo Pernice

and Monte Todum. It is a beautiful

summit tour of approx. 10km and

650m altitude difference. This tour

offers great views of Lake Maggiore

and Val Grande. The paths are easy

to walk, mostly not too steep and

mostly shady in the forest, only

around Pizzo Pernice you walk

completely above the tree line in a

heath-like landscape. Good shoes

are needed!

•9.00: Gathering for carpooling

at parking via Gaggetto in

Laveno, take the ferry to Intra

• 9.30: Drive to Miazzina,

Cappella Fina 

•10.00: Hike to Pizzo Pernice

(1506m) and picnic on the summit

• 13.00: Hike back to Capella Fina

over Monte Todum (1280m)

• 15.30: Drive home

Contact: Ute Stips