About Us

The International Benvenuto Club of Varese is an association from women of various nationalities who live in and around Varese (Lombardia - Italy). The club was founded over 35 years ago to promote conversation, cooperation and friendship among women who live and work in the area and to help them integrate more easily into their new environment. The club is an independent non-profit organisation: in fact, one of its goals is to help local charities. The club also organises many activities for the members including language courses, trips, workshops, art lectures, play groups, parties and sport among many things. The board guides the club and is responsible for the club policy. The president, secretary, membership-treasurer, community, editor, vice president, special activity and the special adviser form the board. Each month, the club issues a newsletter called 'The Voice of Varese' which is packed with information about the Club. Please note that during our Benvenuto activities the language spoken is mostly English.

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A rich variety of activities are organised 
Regular Activities

Language courses, English book group, craft group, walking group, Nordic Walking group, pilates, gym, yoga

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 Coffee Morning

Our themed Coffee Morning will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10 - 12 at Villa Cagnola, Gazzada.
Theme of May is: Your favourite place.

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sPecial Activities

Interesting lectures, outdoor excursions, visits to exhibitions and museums, trips, aperitifs, lunches, parties

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Our Charitable Work

The Benvenuto Club is committed to supporting local charities and we raise money through a Christmas bazaar and several other charity events. Each year we choose a new charity. Through its fund-raising activities, the club has supported many local charities throughout the years. This year our chosen charity is Centro Rainoldi a youth community centre which provides support, education and a canteen for children and young people.


The annual fee for the membership amounts to 65 Euros.  Our club year begins in September and ends in October of the following year. If you want to know our club better, then come and visit our monthly coffee morning. During the morning you can become familiar with the club and talk to members. Visitors are always welcome to participate in any activity for one month on a trial basis. However, to continue these activities it is necessary to be a member of the Benvenuto Club.

Payment by bank transfer

IBAN: IT55S0538710810000042327019 

Account name: The Benvenuto International
Please remember to add your full name and 2021/2022

The International Benvenuto Club of Varese is an association made up of women of various nationalities who live in and around Varese - Italy to promote conversation and friendship.



Via Guido Cagnola, 21, 21045 Gazzada Schianno (VA)
+39 339 532 3011